EPDM granules

If you are new to the term synthetic grass then the first question will come to your mind, what is it made from and is it worth it? The use of synthetic grass became very popular because it had many advantages as compared to natural grass. Especially when you are installing the grass for aesthetics then synthetic grass might be an easy and viable solution. Usually, synthetic glass is made of EPDM granule. The EPDM granules are the derivative of the same material from which the other plastic materials are made. So, the one thing is for sure the syntactic good will be durable and can withstand every type of atmospheric extremities. This is the reason that whenever people prefer to install grass in an area where they cannot afford any variation in grass colour or size over time, they will always opt for synthetic grass. When we look into the pros and cons of synthetic grass. The advantages that synthetic grass provides dwarfed Its disadvantages. 


  1. The biggest pro of synthetic grass is that it’s always aesthetically pleasing. Once installed, it will not grow or change its colour and helps to keep the area green always. No extra effort requires to keep the grass greener. 
  2. The synthetic grass is also workable for heavy traffic areas as they are made of EPDM granules, the composition of the synthetic grass makes it durable as compared to natural grass. Due to high traffic, the natural grass can be damaged 
  3. The first reason to install the grass in any area natural or synthetic is that you want it to be green. The synthetic grant provides the advantage that it will remain green all around the year without any further investment on it. It will require no watering so which can also help to preserve water and also no harmful chemical will be used for infestation of pests or insects. So, the synthetic grass will remain cleaner as compared to natural grass. 


  1. If you are living in a city like Sydney, then the cost of installation of synthetic grass will be higher. Also, it will take a longer time than natural grass to get installed which will increase the labour rates of the installation. Usually, people were unable to opt for synthetic grass because of the onetime cost. 

Whatever you say it’s not natural. It will not have the same colour palette as the natural grass or it will not help then why are meant to smell as natural. If you are a nature lover then synthetic grass in Sydney is not for you. People want to have grass to get the natural feel and synthetic grass will not be able to provide the same. 

Benefits Of Synthetic Grass