Timber Staircase is one of the oldest forms of staircase in human use. In past timber staircase were mostly used in exterior of homes. This type of stairs still exists with its original shape and form. Nowadays timber stairs cases are widely used in homes but they have their preferred outside of home rather than inside. There are multiple reasons that they have been build outside of home. Firstly they can be designed as per availability of space and they have light structure. Moreover they also seem to be aesthetically pleasing if designs and decoration goes as per the theme of home. Click here for more info on timber stairs Melbourne.

The functionality of external timber stairs Brisbane also varies as per their locations and utility. For instances, people use these to connect to the roof top of house, external and some part of house which build later on  out of original structure then these stairs are used to connect with them.

The life of timber staircase is solely dependent on the type of timber used.  There is much type of woods that is in use, for example maple, walnut, pine, hemlock or oak etc. The pine timber woods are commonly used due to easy availability of pine. Pine is a soft wood but it’s durable. But not only selecting the good type of timber will guarantee the durability of staircase whereas many factors also contribute in its life span.

Only using good timber will not strengthen or enhance the stair case life.  Nowadays, different paints which should be compatible with type timber used. These paints is critically important for safe use of external staircase because they also have their preventive usage like in case of waterproof paint, rust-free paints etc. The regular paint on the treads of external staircase ensures the long life of staircase and maximizes the safety. This also improves the appearance of staircase. One can paint the staircase according to their mood, taste or likeness.

The structure of timber staircase should be designed balance and should be align with surfaces to which it is connected. It should be solid enough to hold desired weight and it’s on structure weight also. Precise placement of ground steps and treads also help to increase the durability of staircases. Placement of structure must be strongly connected to ground, so that they structure shouldn’t be vibrating while in use. Due to heavy winds or rainfall it started to loosen up which can result in fatal accident also.

Maintenance of external staircase is critically important to avoid any fatal incident. Periodic checks should be done in which strength of structure should be tested, tightness of treads and also the surface of treads must be observed. Any repair if required must be done in real time rather than leaving it for future activity.  Because of the external environment and regular use any torn up part can prove to be fatal if not addressed properly.

So external timber staircases are an integral part of modern architecture and still have its profound presence in our surroundings.

External Timber Staircase: Still In Use

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