We all know that expensive is not always good and cheap is not always bad, exactly cheap is not always good and the rest you know! When we buy something the first thing we consider is the affordability and convenience to maintain, that is the first question we all ask to ourselves can we handle it or not? But unfortunately there are some alternatives available in the market which allows a person to lean towards them in order to save some bucks; sometimes it works and sometimes it back fires badly.

A classic example of cheap is bad is compressed natural gas (CNG) known as a life saver for some (especially for those who thinks petrol is expensive and beyond their capacity. Because it was introduced as a substitute of Diesel burner, Petrol and Propane/LPG and it produces less harmful fumes in the air as compared to Diesel, Petrol and LPG. So the query is? Why it was not introduced by the showroom owners, the car manufacturers and why it is always supported by the mechanics, and auto shop owners? The answer is simple ‘ mechanics need money to run their shop’ and the car which is running constantly on CNG is a cash cow for them, as it always creates some problem or the other and the owner has to visit the mechanic once in a while. The engine of the car is designed to work on liquid and not on air, imagine a human body is filled with complete water and no blood? Why not medical science has proven that human body is 70% on water so why not 100%? There is a reason of course hence there is a genuine reason behind engine should be run on petrol and not on gas (no offense to CNG companies). Gas is a very good resource to save money but that is costing you the damage of the engine, which is actually far expensive then fuel cost. Engine requires blood and blood is petrol or diesel.

Moreover, those who are petrol users must assert that the drive is completely different from what they drive on CNG. It’s a good option to run the car on CNG but not the right way! These days manufacturers have introduced automatic CNG converters, which allows the car to convert automatically start on Petrol and ignition turns off on petrol (rest is on CNG) it solves both the purposes but only for the engines which are manufactured for such purpose. CNG and liquid fuels both have their own significance but yes! CNG cannot be applied on an engine solely made for petrol i.e. A Lamborghini cannot be maintained on CNG, it is made for petrol. And a MAZDA minitruck cannot be driven on CNG. It’s better to give what it takes for a better performance, if one cannot afford the liquid fuel than maintain a low cost car (buy a small car but run it on petrol).

Gas Or Liquid Fuel Think Before You Opt..

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