property's Development Consent in Sydney

Planning solicitors Sydney concentrate on the laws governing “Development,” which in this context refers to the use of property for a certain purpose. Development can include, for instance, the creation of a new structure or the usage of an existing structure on property. Most development in NSW requires authorization in accordance with the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act of 1979. (EPA Act). This authorization is known as a “development consent.” Property development consent in Sydney may be obtained by the relevant local council, a separate specialist planning approval authority, or the Minister for Planning depending on the type and magnitude of the specific development. According to a “Complying Development Certificate” issued by a local council or a private certifier, certain development that satisfies predetermined criteria (referred to as “development standards”) may proceed either with minimal or no approval (in the case of “exempt development”) or with a streamlined approval process (in the case of “complying development approval”) (in the case of “Complying Development”).

Types of approval for development

The types of development that can be done on a certain piece of land vary depending on the “land use zoning” that is in effect. “Local Environmental Plans” created by the relevant local council regulate land use zoning. The provisions of a “State Environmental Planning Policy” may preclude some development from complying with land use zoning mandated by a Local Environmental Plan. The submission of a Development Application usually marks the beginning of the procedure to receive a property’s Development Consent in Sydney (or Complying Development Certificate). A determination of the development’s anticipated effects on the environment may need to be included with a DA, depending on the type of proposed development.

Services for Sydney Town Planning and Property Development

In Sydney, New South Wales, Bick Steele is a renowned town planning and property development permit firm. We specialise in offering knowledge in rezoning applications, land use strategy, and development applications. We specialise in obtaining town planning approvals, which includes producing the Statement of Environmental Effects and developing development applications and planning plans.

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