Just like your products and processes, your people should also change. You might be a 100 year old company running on traditional methods all these years and would think you don’t need to change any of your ways. However it will be dangerous to think that young and new people cannot bring anything to the table. Rather they are more in touch with modern marketing methods, social media, the minds of young people etc. you can only attract such innovative people only if your company has a history of innovation. Let your current employees give you ideas since they may know more about the market then the top management. In this dynamic environment, innovation is our only savior. We live in an era where traditional organizations are fading away and contemporary organizations are performing much better. Becoming a contemporary organization means that you will have to make some drastic changes in your culture, structure, processes, strategy and people. You need to be able to grab opportunities and make use of them to get best results. An innovative company will improve its productivity, satisfy its customers better than competitors and stand out in the market. So here are some steps to make your company and innovative one.Create a culture of innovationYou cannot expect your workers to be innovative if you do not support and instill such a culture in your organization. Innovative culture is backed by open minded workers who are not afraid to voice their ideas. Teach your employees the growth mindset and give them ample opportunities to innovate. The top management should be willing to listen to the workers ideas, let them come up with new mechanical product design and then commercialize if it seems viable. You need to celebrate failure rather than punish. Workers will then not be afraid to give their ideas as they know the top management always has their back. Invest in knowledge management The biggest problem in companies nowadays is that they don’t know how to manage their existing knowledge and hence this knowledge vanishes once the skilled workers leave the organization.

Your company needs to accept the fact that the bottom level employees have more hands-on knowledge and that you need to take steps to codify and save them so that it can be passed down to future generations of the company. Also you need to create a culture of knowledge sharing. Your workers should be willing to share what they know and this willingness depends on their personalities and attitudes. As a company, you need to invest your time and resources in shaping the attitudes of the people while also opening platforms such as quality circles, online blogs where people can openly discuss their ideas. Let them work with great industrial design companies to bring their ideas into life. Look to other areas of the marketplace Companies often benchmark their performance by looking at the best in their own industry however there could be much more to learn if you expand your search to the other industries. Keep your eyes peeled to see innovative practices of other companies with regard to their employees, customers, any new technologies and apps used to achieve efficiency etc. 

How To Become An Innovative Organization

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