We have a wide range of products for our customers to make sure that we provide them with the products exactly according to their choice and requirements. Here is the list of the products that we have to offer:


We always stuck in a problem where our coffee or tea gets spilled on the floor making a stain; anything can cause a stain on anything except tiles. Tiles are one of the best materials that are used for many purposes such as flooring, setting up on walls, flooring of bathroom Tapware and for kitchen walls. Tiles are very easy to be cleaned; this is the reason why they are mostly used in kitchens. For example, the kitchen has so many things that can cause a stain, therefore when anything is spilled on the tiles, it can be cleaned quickly and easily.


Stones are very useful for the flooring as well, different types of stones are used in different aspects. Some of the stones are used for flooring while some of them are used to put on the walls. Some stones are used to place at the outer layer of the house; these stones have their properties that provide control to the temperature. Also, these stones protect the house when it rains because of their exceptional properties. We provide our customers with different kind of stones, with different characteristics; our stones are very fine and are made of good quality so you must buy stones from us as our prices are also very reasonable.

Bath ware:

Everyone wants to make their bathroom look good because the bathroom is the place where you go many times in a day and most importantly when you come home from a long tiring day, you go to your bathroom, take a hot shower to get rid of all the tiredness you get from your work. Hot shower is not enough for that, ambience also matters the most so you must spend good money on decorating your bathroom. The well-decorated bathroom makes the environment peaceful which helps in relaxing your mind as well as your body so it is essential to get it decorated as soon as possible. Initial Tiles Pty Ltd has one of the best and beautiful bathroom warehouses, bathroom showrooms and many more which you can visit on our website. We also have a wide range of tiles which you can install in your bathroom to enhance its beauty. So what are you waiting for? Hurry up, contact us, buy from us and decorate your bathroom most beautifully so that you can relax and chill in a beautiful and peaceful environment.

Range Of Products We Have To Offer You

Range Of Products We Have To Offer You

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