Is your sister expecting her first child? Is your best friend pregnant and about to burst? In any of these cases, chances are, the duty has been laid on your shoulders to throw the party to celebrate all of the goodness that is about to see the light of day. Now, if you have never done this before, you may be at a loss as to what needs to happen. Thankfully for you, the list given below is as comprehensive as it can get.


First off, you need to decide what colour the decorations are – whether it’s a girl or boy child that is being celebrated, whether the sex of the child is still unknown, and in both these instances what colours you can use to buy or create decorative paraphernalia are things you need to know and decide on. Pink for a girl, blue for a boy and yellow for a secret are the usual. However, if the mother has a favourite colour that you want to incorporate as well, you can do so. You can get together a bunch of family members and friends and make decorations, you can buy them at a store or online or you can hire a decorator to do all of this, while you attend to everything else.


Finger food is essential here – make sure you get these sorted so that they don’t remain a headache. There are plenty of bakery stores that can make in bulk for you – if you want to go the extra mile, you can also order custom made cupcakes and sweets to commemorate the child’s arrival with coloured icing or the child’s future initials etched on a sweet. Make sure there is enough for everyone.


You have to tell the guests what the mother would like from them – usually, the mother will go to a store and create a registry for items that she would like, but from your perspective, you will have to make the guests aware of what the mother would need. Since many people gift things that can be used in the future like clothes, what can be a really good idea is to give the mother a list of good places to buy the best baby formula for newborns – since this is debated and as soon as children are born, their families are in a rush, something like where to get essentials needed will be highly appreciated.

If the due date is close, there is no harm in gifting A2 infant milk as well – given that the mother may not want to breastfeed for as long and as much.

Date and People

It is, of course, a given that you have to set a good date and invite the right people. It is better to have a small, intimate yet special set of people for an event like this, and not make it too grand an affair.

The Baby Shower Essentials

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