By definition, a skip bin by Metro Skip Hire is a large and special container that is loaded onto the garbage truck. It does not follow the traditional method of emptying out a bin, it is simply loaded into the truck and tipped at the landfill and at that place, and an empty skip bin is replaced with for the next cycle. The bins are available in various sizes and shapes, although the most typical ones have trapezoidal shapes at the sides and a larger edge opening up at the top as compared to the bottom. Also, some very large bins may have the capacity to carry even more than 8000 kilograms of materials, but they are mostly limited by the capacity that can be carried by the trucks. Sometimes instead of a lorry, a special crane that is designed to carry skips may be used to carry the same until the landfill. Let us have a look at various types of skips that are typically available for sale and usage:

  • The first type of skip that is most common is the open skips. The open skips allow for an extremely easy form of disposing of waste and are most commonly found outside companies and construction sites because the materials are disposed of in an extremely quick and casual manner there. The open skips need to be constantly monitored for the disposal of waste such that it must not spill out from the top and pollute the surrounding areas. Open bin hire is relatively cheaper compared to the other types. Visit this link for more info on bin hire Dandenong.
  • The second types of bins are the closed ones and they are more protected and used in the case of materials that may contain chemicals and/or harmful when exposed to the environment. The closed skip hire will ensure that the material filled in it does not exceed a particular limit. These may be a tad costlier than the open bin types, but are much handy when required.
  • Roll skips are very similar to the open bin types, but they can be rolled on and off to be loaded into the truck instead of being lifted from the wagon. They are most commonly used in industries and their usage does not suit for domestic purposes.
  • The last type of skip bins are mobile bins which are much more compact and they are usually set up on wheels. There may also be a mechanism to load and unload the skip bin on the truck. There are a variety of standards and sizes that are available for the same in different countries.
What Are The Various Types Of Skips?
What Are The Various Types Of Skips?

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